April Moto Motors Events team second in 24 hours of Le Mans

April Moto Motors Events team second in 24 hours of Le Mans

4. - 10. 4. 2016 Team April Moto Motors Events takes second place with Dunlop pneumatics in The 24 Hours of Le Mans - FIM Endurance World Championship Race.

PP Tuning - Technical support

PP Tuning was involved in this race as technical support for team April Moto Motors Events. Challenging motorcycle race 24 hours of Le Mans won riders for team Kawasaki SRC. This team proved to ride 819 circuits in difficult conditions such as rain, sun, wind or morning two degrees in composition of Gregory Leblanc, MatthieuLagrive and Fabien Foret. The third place took team FCC TSR Honda. Among the favourites of the race belonged to MBW Motorrad Team with our Czech rider LukášPešek. This team won in qualification and in the race showed great performance. Unfortunately, Kenny Foray has technical problems, and due to this fact the hope for podium was gone. Lukas Pešek said: “What happened is big shame, but we have to take also the positive things from the weekend. Firstly we had really bad conditions; however we were at position with leading teams. We are sorry that we had to leave the race, but we also know that some of top teams had problems here. We have positive mind and we have to focus on next races.”


24 hodin Le Mans 2016 – závod 

1. SRC Kawasaki /EWC/  819 kolLEBLANC Grégory, LAGRIVE Matthieu, FORET Fabien

2. Team Suzuki April Moto Motors Events /EWC/  -9 kolBLACK Gregg, FASTRÉ Grégory, CUDLIN Alex 

3. F.C.C. TSR Honda /EWC/  -11 kolWATANABE Kazuma, TECHER Alan, CUDLIN Damian 

4. Team R2CL Suzuki / EWC/  -15 kolPOUHAIR Nicolas, MORRIS Aaron, MAHIAS Lucas 

5. Suzuki Endurance Racing Team /EWC/  -17 kolPHILIPPE Vincent, DELHALLE Anthony, MASSON Etienne 

6. Team 3ART Yam'Avenue Yamaha /SST/  -19 kolBULLE Louis, PONS Gabriel, TRAUTMANN Lukas