Research and Development

Each product, which we launched on the market, is long-term tested. We are aware of responsibility for all our customers. Professional pilots reach high speed during the races and therefore the use of our products has to be safe. Quality materials, perfect manufacture and contact with pilots and mechanics is guarantee of perfect product. 

For chosen products, we provide “Unbreakable Guarantee”. We spent a lot of time and effort to develop these products, and therefore we can afford this guarantee. You destroy, and we will fix or replace your product completely FREE. In addition, we do not care how you destroyed the product. We are sure that these chosen products cannot be broken.

During the 24 Hours of Le Mans, we test particularly toughness of our products. Daterecording gave us really interesting information: Pilots kick to gearshift during 24h more than 100.000 times. It is unbelievable number, but even after this test it is not necessary to change bearings in the product. The levers are covered by tough black anodized. It is technology of surface finish, which is performed under extreme temperatures. Under this toughness, the endurance is comparable with endurance of steel and any of competitors cannot offer you these parameters. Since 2002, PP Tuning has been using this technology. We are glad that our products are so safe and quality!