Unbreakable Guarantee

We are proud to ourselves to being the only company in the world that will replace a broken part, after a crash, even when it is your fault! Our ‘Unbreakable Guarantee’ applies to all Rearsets and Adjustable Brake and Clutch levers. You can find the conditions of “UNBREAKABLE GUARANTEE PLUS” below.

Unbreakable guarantee

Unbreakable Guarantee is valid for PP rearsets and adjustable brake and clutch levers

  • The warranty applies on breakage main plates or small plates. It does not refer to broken heel protectors, rubber end of brake or shift levers and foot pegs.
  • PP Tuning reserves the right to replace the broken piece only that is preventing the part from working properly. In this case PP Tuning requires the whole part to be returned and not just the broken piece. This warranty only applies to PP Tuning products and not any other parts that are mounted on rearsets such as the brake master cylinder, frame, exhaust etc.
  • PP Tuning reserves the right to replace or repair only the broken parts and not to replace the rearset in its entirety for a complete new rearset. 
  • The customer agrees to pay all shipping costs involved with any warranty claim.
  • For the purpose of future development and perfection of PP products, the customer must return the whole part and not just the broken piece to comply with this warranty.
  • PP Tuning reserves the right to decline any warranty claim if it deems the damage to be self-inflicted or due to negligence.
  • Customer agrees that PP Tuning has no responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused as a result of the failure of any PP Tuning product. By purchasing and installing PP Tuning rearsets and adjustable brake and clutch levers customer agrees with the conditions of this warranty.
  • PP Tuning products are permitted to be used on the race tracks only. Usage of PP Tuning products otherwise than on the closed race track is the customers responsibility only.
  • The warranty applies only for products that are on sale. If the main or small plates are excluded from the sale it is not possible to apply the unbreakable guarantee.